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China's first large-scale SWATH vessel successfully completed

China's first large-scale small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) vessel was handed from CAS shipyard to the clients on the 4th of this month. High-level officials from CAS, and Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., guests from 702 Institute and 711 Institute, the builder of Shiyan-1, related staff members of IACAS, were present to witness the exciting moment. After the leaders of two sides signed the protocol, Tian Jing, manager of this project cut the launching rope.

Forrás: http://english.ioa.cas.cn/ns/es/200907/t20090702_19263.html

The new vessel "Shiyan-1" is China's first large-scale SWATH with more than 2,000-ton displacement. The 60m-long and 26m-wide vessel is equipped with an AC frequency-conversion drive system and a dynamic positioning system. It is noted for global vibration and noise reduction and automation for the vessel. Because of its outstanding properties such as seaworthiness and quietness, according to experts, Shiyan-1 could be used to carry out a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary marine investigations in such fields as hydro-acoustics, marine physics, geo-biology, marine and geological environment.

With three CAS institutes (namely Institute of Acoustics, the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, and Institute of Automation) as its overseers, the ship was designed by the No. 702 Institute under the China Heavy-duty Ship-building Incorporation. It is expected to travel to Guangzhou Harbor soon and will be put into use in May this year.



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